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keep your baby's skin as clean and dry as possible. Clean and dry your baby's skin before bed. Apply a layer of MBH Maximum Strength Original Paste onto your baby's bottom. Use an overnight diaper that fits your baby and isn't too tight. Repeat nightly to prevent diaper rash


INACTIVE INGREDIENTS : 1% Zinc oxide & Petrolatum & Apple cider Vineger Aloevera Extract and Essential Oil.


Antifungal cream, if your baby has a fungal infection.Topical or oral antibiotics, if your baby has a bacterial infection rash or protect irritated skin cracked and dry skin bright red and focused around the anus, though it can spread to the genitals. You may even notice blood in your baby's poop. With staph, you might see pus-filled bumps with a red base. These blisters may rupture with a yellow-brown fluid and leave behind scales or Because hives can be caused or worsened by heat, applying a cold compress to hives for up to 10 minutes can relieve irritation. Wrap ice in a towel or soft cloth and apply to your skin Recommend dipping a clean cotton ball into apple cider vinegar and applying it gently to the rash or using a small spray bottle


Storage : Keep in a cool dark place. Keep Out of reach of children

Zinc oxide & Petrolatum Diaper Rash Gel

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